Originally from South Africa, Divan Kombrink has been training clients in London for over ten years. Divan is a highly-qualified fitness trainer and sports therapist who educates clients about healthy lifestyles.


A strong foundation of clinical knowledge supports the DK personal training's approach to exercise and nutrition. Based on training in sports science, biomechanics, sports therapy and psychology, Divan creates tailored fitness programmes for clients to make the changes they want. Divan also has specialist qualifications in Pilates, Swiss ball training, pre- and post-natal exercise, sports therapy and aqua rehabilitation.


Training with Divan results in more than improved fitness. By educating clients about healthy exercise and eating habits, Divan shares knowledge so clients can reshape their fitness lifestyles. Motivating and teaching you how to ‘create the new you’ is the reason behind DK personal training.


When he is not working, Divan takes on fitness challenges such as participating in ironman triathlons and running marathons. He was a professional rugby player before going into personal training and continues to enjoy endurance sports.

Divan has  trained me and my husband for two years. We both greatly enjoy our sessions with him. He is professional, incredibly knowledgeable and knows just how hard to push. During our time with Divan our fitness has improved markedly and our bodies look stronger and fitter.

Natalie & Ian Livingstone